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What is Yogola?
Yogola is a probiotic frozen yogurt ice cream. It is rich in health and low in fats making it a healthy choice.
What are the different probiotic sweet delights you offer?
Yogola offers frozen yogurt ice creams, fruit parfaits, fresh fruit bowls, blended froyos and smoothies with real fruits.
What sets Yogola different from others?
Yogola is a trusted name for superior quality, taste and health. All the Yogola products are probiotic foods offering multiple health benefits at affordable prices.
What are probiotics and how are they helpful?
Probiotics are microorganisms such as bacteria or yeasts known for their health promoting benefits. Probiotics aids in healthy digestion and strengthen ones immune system.
Are Yogola products rich in fats?
Yogola products are 96% fat free. They are made from low fat source and hence low in calories. It is completely light on your belly, aids digestion and promotes health.
Does Yogola products contain artificial agents?
Yogola does not promote the usage of artificial sweeteners and artificial colours and hence all the Yogola products are natural and safe. They promote only health living.
Do you offer any non-dairy product at Yogola?
Yes. We offer both dairy and non-dairy variants of smoothies. Currently, we are offering unique kind of smoothies named, signature plain yogurt, yogola mix, very berry, raspberry blast, blueberry breeze, berry peach sunshine and strawberry banana smoothie.
Is there any choice on toppings?
Yes. You can enhance your frozen yogurt ice cream by choosing toppings from our exclusive range of fresh fruits or dry fruits.
Are there any freebies?
Yes. If you buy four Yogola's frozen yogurt ice creams, you get the fifth ice cream free. So buy four and get one free.
Can I be your franchise?
Of course. We love to have you as our franchise. To promote healthy living everywhere, we are offering franchise across India in various cities. For more details, please check our franchise opportunities page or click here.
What kinds of franchise models are available?
Presently, Yogola offers two basic kind of franchise models- Kiosk Model and Standalone Model. For detailed description of the models available, please click here.
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